Josep Mateu Negre

Josep Mateu Negre

(Girona, 1954)

RACC President and CEO

A Management Career in the World of Services

Throughout his professional career, since 1978, Josep Mateu has taken a leading role in business projects in the service sector; first in family businesses and later in multinational companies. He has been RACC President since July 2015. He has been CEO and General Manager of the entity since 1995, and of its Group of Companies, as well as Vice President of the Board of Directors, since 2012.

With a degree in Economics and Business from the University UAB of Barcelona and an MBA from IESE, Mateu has also taken additional specialization courses in Strategic Management and Planning at the London Business School, participated in the CEO’s Forum 2005 at IESE and in the Top Management Programme in Digital Marketing and Internet Business at ISDI (Higher Institute for the Internet Development) in 2011. In 2017 and 2018 he took part in the FIA University Senior Executive Programme at the Columbia Business School in New York.

In his time as CEO of the RACC (The Royal Catalan Automobile Club -, Mateu has seen the group grow from just 450 employees and 300,000 members to over 1,400 employees, 811,000 members and a turnover of 276 million euros. The RACC and its Group of Companies are currently undergoing the process from being an Automobile Club to becoming a Club of Services for Mobility, while offering worldwide coverage to more than 10 million people.

In 2001 Mateu was recognised with the Manager of the Year Award by the AED (Spanish Managers’ Association).

As RACC President, he advocates for a safe, agile, environment-friendly and intelligent view of mobility, understood as a fundamental right of people, which is necessary to live in freedom and in society. In this sense, he promotes different initiatives with the aim of achieving the target of zero road accident fatalities and improving the air quality. He believes that technology is an essential tool, and therefore, through the RACC, he supports different projects to introduce a more intermodal, connected and autonomous mobility. During his mandate, the RACC Foundation has been awarded a distinction by the Barcelona Local Police for the work done to improve road safety.

His personal career is based on concepts such as attitude, teamwork, ethics, continuous self-education, as well as involvement and commitment to each and every project. For him, “leading is helping, serving” and a manager must boost the projection, the development and the long-term survival of the company. A manager is essentially a trainer of people; as any decision he/she takes has a direct impact on the life of each one of them.